• Building Confidence

    Improved grades means better self-esteem. Watch it happen!

  • Enhancing Learning Techniques

    Become a better learner by truly understanding the lesson rather than memorizing it.

  • Creating Quality Family Time

    Imagine spending time playing a game rather than playing teacher. No more stress!

  • Relating Lessons to Everyday Life

    Discovering the opportunity to apply the lesson in real life creates great wonder.

Your Home Away from Home

Smart E. Pants Academy is an extension of your home. Our endearing, certified teachers take great pride in offering superior service in order to maximize your child’s potential. When they are here, they are family.


Tutoring is a specific academic approach to closing the gap between where the student is and where the student should be on a particular subject.

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Homework Help

At Smart E. Pants Academy, we make sure that all assignments written in the student’s agenda are completed before the child leaves for the day.

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Test Prep

In order to better prepare students for the standardized tests, Smart E. Pants Academy offers a number a different courses.

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Home Schooling

Smart E. Pants Academy offers specific curriculums developed for different age and grade levels of each student.

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Study Skills

This workshop assists students with adding structure to their daily schedules, and provide them the necessary tools to obtain exceptional grades.

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College Application Help

Smart E. Pants Academy assists in filling out applications, while providing tips and advice on personal statements, school selection, and early admission.

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