Teachers often recognize that the root of low grades lies not in the material taught or in how it is taught, but in how students choose to study it. Some students lack experience with effective methods of study and they measure the effectiveness of their studying by the length of time they spend in front of a book, not in their comprehension of it.

The key word for academic success is structure. This workshop will assist students with adding structure to their daily schedules, and will provide them with the necessary tools to obtain exceptional grades. Sessions will focus on time management, organization, test preparation, listening and note taking, memorization and concentration, test taking skills, and public speaking and presentation skills.

This course will prepare students for success throughout their academic years. They also develop life skills that help them:

  • Become more self-motivated and accept responsibility.
  • Grow into secure, confident young adults.
  • Think creatively, set goals and solve problems.
  • Communicate more effectively and resolve conflict easily.
  • Break through self-imposed limits to achieve their full potential.