For high school seniors, the start of the school year also marks the beginning of the college application process. How many colleges should you apply to? What makes for a winning application?

Selecting the correct college fit can be a difficult, confusing, and an overwhelming process without the assistance from a knowledgeable, qualified and experienced college counselor. That is why Smart E. Pants Academy is here to help! We assist college hopefuls in the daunting task of filling out applications, while providing tips and advice on such topics as admission essays, personal statements, school selection, and early admission options.

Smart E. Pants promises to:

  • Keep current on new approaches to college selection and how to maximize your potential for acceptance.
  • Learn what high school experiences colleges presently look for in their applicants.
  • Provide a comprehensive, individualized college list which would provide the best experience and identify the academic program and campus setting for you.
  • Carefully review all college applications, personal résumés and essays to create the strongest possible application.

Smart E. Pants will help the college hopeful:

  • Maintain a challenging high school academic curriculum.
  • Realize what is important to you.
  • Keep a careful timeline on all due dates.
  • Prepare and sign up for standardized tests.
  • Stay consistent and active in outside programs.
  • Practice the interview process.
  • Arrange college visitations.
  • Arrange for recommendation letters.
  • Gather information on financial aid and scholarships.
  • Work on and revise your essay.
  • Identify the location, size, programs, athletics, and campus life you prefer in a college.
  • Narrow down your choices.