Enrolling your child at Smart E. Pants Academy has numerous benefits that will change your family’s life and relationship for years to come.

After enrolling your child at our academy, your child has the potential to gain:

  • Success as homework is completed under the supervision of a staff member
  • A positive attitude towards homework as it is consistently completed correctly
  • A better and more positive relationship with his/her parents, not one that revolves around schoolwork and its negative connotations
  • A sense of accomplishment in the learning taking place
  • More free time at home to enjoy with parents and siblings
  • An eagerness to continue on the road to success
  • More confidence to tackle the next day’s lessons in school
  • A higher self-esteem due to the accomplishments experienced daily
  • Skills such as planning, organizing, and prioritizing that are necessary to succeed in the real world
  • Competency in one or more languages
  • Develop time management by allotting time to study and learning to complete scheduled tasks in the time allowed
  • A sense of responsibility associated with completing schoolwork
  • Knowledge on how to follow instructions so that assignments may be completed successfully
  • The opportunity to apply and enhance skills taught at the academy