Susie Carreras Lopez


From a very young age, Susie Carreras López knew that she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and become a teacher. At St. Kevin, where she attended elementary school, she became involved in Future Teachers, a club designed to help children understand what it entails to be a teacher. As a Future Teacher, Susie was able to assist students and the school’s teachers were amazed with her inept ability to teach all children.

When she entered high school, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, her mind was made up. She knew teaching was her calling. She began her first job, tutoring children after school from home. Once she graduated, she entered Florida International University and started her degree in Elementary Education. During this time she continued to tutor children, even those with learning difficulties. The children’s grades soared and more children sought her services.

While completing her degree, Susie decided to delve into teaching and get a real look at classroom teaching. She started to substitute at local private schools. What began as a part-time position became a full time when she was quickly being called to teach on a daily basis as the students and the teachers requested her services. Susie took the position of Teacher’s Aide and she learned many teaching techniques and classroom management from the teachers she worked with.

Once she graduated from the university, she took the position of 5th grade Language Arts teacher. She developed an amazing reputation with the school administration, the staff, and the students. She adored her tutoring kids so much that she did not want to leave them. Therefore, although she was teaching, she continued to help those students who had been tutoring with her for years.

With enough teaching experience under her belt, and a desire to help those that do not get it in the classroom, Susie concentrated on just tutoring after school. Her passion is taking a student who is struggling or not working to potential to new heights. She wanted to reach out to those children and make a difference in their lives. That is when she decided that it was time to open a learning center, where she could provide the best service possible for all of her students.

Susie’s mission is to not only raise academic scores, but also to raise the self confidence of the child. Once a child knows that he/she can do it, that child is empowered, ready to meet challenges and become an independent learner. That is what Susie sets out to do with every child she touches. At her center, love and respect are the only rules. If you love what you do, you accomplish your goals. Respecting the child is critical and of utmost importance to Susie, who believes that every child deserves respect no matter how old, what color, what religion or background.

The impact that Susie has made on both her students and their parents is evident in the stories written by them found under Testimonials on this website.