4 Ways to Celebrate National Punctuation Day!

National Punctuation Day is September 24th, and we’re ready to celebrate! Punctuation puns and grammar jokes aside, solid writing skills help strengthens kids’ reading comprehension and communication skills, among other benefits, period.

Here are a few ideas for play on Punctuation Day.


This game puts a language arts twist on a popular outdoor game. Red Light, Green Light does more than just teach kids when to stop and go. Instead of using colors, change the rules of the game to involve punctuation marks. For instance, hold up a sign with a period for “stop,” or wave an exclamation point for “hop.” See the step-by-step guide here.


Heading out with the family? Designate your kids as punctuation patrols and have them inspect restaurant menus, signs, billboards and the like. From finding errors to learning grammar rules, this is an educational spin on the classic I-Spy car game.


Put your kids’ small motor skills to work by hosting a punctuation party in the kitchen. Just grab your favorite cookie recipe, prep the dough and help kids cut out question marks, exclamation points and so on. Don’t forget to decorate!


Books about punctuation are a dynamic learning tool for students of all levels. These fun themed stories bring grammar lessons to life. Try “Punctuation Takes a Vacation” by Lynn Rowe Reed, along with a cute craft: kids can write their own punctuation postcards. “Eats, Shoots and Leaves” (Lynne Truss) is also a must-have for every home library. See a few more options for kids of all ages here.

Reading and writing skills are critical for success in school and in life, from advancing grade levels to communicating with peers. In fact, kids learn up to 12,000 new words a year because of reading. Celebrate Punctuation Day and remind your family how important (and fun) proper grammar can be.