Goodbye, Summer Slide: 5 Educational Everyday Activities

Summertime and the living’s easy! Now that students have settled into the break, we must make a conscious effort to prevent them from going down the summer slide. Not to be confused with the fan-favorite vessel for splashing into the pool, summer slide refers to the learning loss kids experience during the months when they’re out of school. Studies show they can lose as much as two months of learning in this short period.

Don’t let your children’s hard work go to waste. Instead, incorporate educational twists in everyday activities–all without harshing that carefree summer vibe.

Here’s how to keep kids learning when they are…

…Taking a long (or short!) car trip: Animal Name Game

The first player names an animal, then the next person names an animal that starts with the last letter of the previously named animal. There’s just one rule–no repeating animal names–to keep it creative!

…Enjoying the outdoors: get gardening

Studies have shown that gardening has endless positive benefits for kids. Children of all ages will love getting down and dirty to plant brain-healthy foods (like veggies or fruit) or pretty flowers while enjoying fresh air and sunlight. This is a great time to reinforce science lessons on topics like photosynthesis.

…Curling up with a good book: dive into a series

Reading a book is great, but reading a whole series is even better! Challenge kids to read a full series before summer’s end. There are plenty of acclaimed series for kids of all ages and reading levels to choose from.

…Looking for summer camps: Smart E. Pants Academy summer program

The ultimate weapon for combating summer slide! Let Smart E. Pants Academy have your child for a little while to help gear him or her up for the following school year, both socially and academically. We’ll also expand upon what the child learned last school year. Week-long sessions make it easy to coordinate between vacations and other plans!

…Out of ideas: use your resources

Incentivize! For example, make a quick DIY word jumble using ice cream flavors (mix up each word’s letters and have kids figure out the flavor, writing it down next to each). Afterwards, go grab a cone to celebrate your great speller!

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