Easy & Educational St. Patrick’s Day Craft

Lucky you! With St. Patrick’s Day coming up, we’ve got a DIY four-leaf clover craft your kids will love. This fun activity allows children to use small motor skills as well as math and language arts lessons in a creative way. Our clover craft is fun for playing with friends and family, so grab the gang!

Half the fun is in making the game pieces, so let’s get started.

What you’ll need:

Green construction paper, scissors, a pencil and a marker

How to cut the clovers out:

Fold a green sheet of construction paper in half. Starting at the top creased edge of the paper, take the pencil and draw half of the clover – two leaves and the stem. Cut the shape out and unfold the paper. Cut as many clovers out as there are letters in each person’s name. Use the marker to spell out every player’s name by writing one letter on each clover.

four leaf clover

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Now you’re ready to play!

Counting Clovers

Go around the group and count the clovers, tallying how many letters are in each child’s name. Spell each name out and compare shorter and longer lengths. A good way to visualize the counting comparison is by making a graph.

The Name Game

Use your language arts skills and get creative with the letters. Explore what other words each player can make with the letters from their name. Draw a comparison of how many vowels versus consonants the names have.

Need a playtime snack? We suggest a pot of gold: mini bowls of popcorn!


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