The Importance of Early Childhood Programs

Fact: early childhood education is extremely important for every child. The benefits of attending a quality program are endless, but here are just a few of the pros.

The New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute breaks the benefits into two categories: cognitive and social/emotional. Cognitively, these programs sharpen thinking abilities, math and language skills and even lower placement in special education programs. Students who attend an early childhood program ultimately perform better in school.

Socially and emotionally, children have more confidence exploring and interacting with fellow students. This is great preparation for school, as children have already adapted to a classroom-like environment with other kids.

In sum, early childhood programs set students up for success in their futures. Children undergo much development between the time they are born and the age of three, so it’s important to capitalize on these years. That’s why it’s vital to read to children from a young age. If a child does not develop during these years, they are likely to have trouble when they get to school.

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