Reading to Kids from an Early Age: Why and How

Studies show the benefits of reading to children from an early age. The American Academy of Pediatrics has actually given doctors evidence to advise parents to read aloud to babies from birth.

From brain development to pre-literacy skills, children will benefit from hearing more words, even beginning in infancy. Early literacy education is important for young children of all ages. Here are a few tips for reading to kids from an early age.

Choosing books for kids
Pick books that are in-step with children’s lives and fantasies. If your child likes animals, look for books about pets. If your child has a wild imagination about the ocean, choose nautical themes.

That being said, choose books over a variety of subjects. When your child shows an affinity for a certain book, find other titles by that author. Making sure to pick books with lively illustrations is also important.

Tips for reading to kids
When reading to your child or children, introduce all facets, including the title, author, illustrator and cover of the book. Keep in mind that you and your child should ask each other questions about the characters, pictures and plot. Be sure to pay attention to the images and what they represent.

Interacting is key when reading to children. It’s important for kids to be engaged and paying attention to the details, as well as understanding the plot as a whole.